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The BRRRR Method


Individual BRRRR Portfolio

Clients come to us when they want an ever-increasing real estate portfolio with tax benefits every year.


Here’s how it works:


We partner with you in a new LLC. We then start purchasing properties using the BRRRR method. Once we complete the process, which takes 5-6 months on average, we then go repeat the process. This allows us to buy roughly 2.5 times whatever we have.



If we have $1,000,000, we can go buy roughly $2,500,000 worth of real estate every year. By the end of year two, $5,000,000. End of year 4, $10,000,000. And thats without calculating appreciation!


We also give you 100% of the tax benefits every year.


Do you want us to continually add properties to your portfolio without having to put money into each property? Do you want a machine to give you tax benefits every year?


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